Nondual Living is a non-profit organization founded by Susan and Bala in August of 2016. The organization is dedicated to the advancement of the ancient Advaita Vedanta teaching. Advaita is one of the oldest schools of Hindu thought. It postulates that the true Self within an individual (Atman) is the same as the highest reality, which pervades the Universe (Brahman). We are all connected. Seeing the world as separate objects is illusory. Seeing the unifying principle in all is freedom (Moksha).

We can understand the unifying principle in nature. A community of Aspen trees is connected at their roots. As aspens are not solitary trees so are we not isolated individuals. Aspens grow as a community. They are interconnected by their roots and share nourishment to support each other. It is our intention to emulate the beauty of the Aspen grove, to go beyond the surface and develop a deeply rooted, connected community.

To create a sense of community our website offers, live group video sessions, one on one video sessions, “mini lessons” on classical Advaita texts, and a page on healthy living as it relates to spirituality.

Nondual Living’s vision and mission statements:

Vision: Our vision is to create a spiritual community that nourishes balance in body, mind and spirit.

Mission:  Our mission is to experience a vibrant, healthy Nondual lifestyle and to share this with others.